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Discontinued due to inactivity

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A Long Time Ago Where Despacito Is Not Yet A Thing, There Lived A Completely Young Boy. He Was Very Talented And Very Cool. Then He Found A Website Called Discord. Then The Cool Boy Was Wondering What Does It Do? Then He Googled It And Now He Knows. Right When He Was About To Close It, He Found A Friend Request. He Was So Happy. Little Does He Know That That Was His Friend From School, Freya (scarredstar-scienceaftermath) Then He Came Up With An Idea To Make A Server Called "Cheddar Is My Life". And Yes That Was The Original Name For RPC. Then He Started To Get More Members To Join. Then One Of The Boys Friends Joined. His Name Is Basket Propellors. Then One Member Joined. Her Name Is (yes its a girl) Uh- Her Name Is Azra. So Yeah That's It Lol

Also The Server Needs more Members

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